Upholstery Cleaning London

  • Upholstery Cleaning London

    Curtains Sofas, Chairs Mattress

We use the following methods for upholstery cleaning London.

How Upholstery Cleaning London is done:

Upholstery Cleaning London

Dealing with all type of Upholstery cleanings.

 Using only specialised equipment and Methods

 Removing all type of Stains and marks

 Sofas, Mattresses, Cushions, Curtains

 All type of Fabrics are deals with

Upholstery & Mattress cleaning prices

Armchair 2-seated sofa 3 -seated sofa Dining chair Office chair Mattress
£20 £33 £40 £7 £5 £18

Deep, Professional Upholstery Mattress Cleaning for all type of Fabrics.

Mixed type of Leathers.

We advise using hot extractor method also called steam cleaning, majority of
upholsteries that can be cleaned wet, it’s the best method and gives the best result, this will remove stain and all the other dirt inside the fabric. This can be used on Mattress cleaning service as well.

Delicate Fibre and all Leathers

We know of course who expects that their dedicated fabric or mattress, once on site our dedicated upholstery technicians will recommend the best and most suitable cleaning solution or your fabric items.

 Mattress Cleaning

Not everyone knows that time to time mattresses do need some maintenance work done to them. Especially if the mattress you have is a high-quality mattress and you love sleeping on your mattress, with time mattress accumulate dust and this can lead to bugs finding their suitable place to have a nest. To refresh your mattress, we can use the hot water extraction which is very effective and gives the best result. Mattresses do take longer to dry on their own but our upholstery cleaners can provide a free air mover so you won’t need to worry about this.

Look in depth of methods we use.

Pre-Treatment of Stains

We will determinate the type of stain on the fabric and will inform you of the suitable method to use. We will have variety of equipment and detergents that we think is the best to be used to remove the stain. Coffee, Greasy food, wine, juice anything you name it would be removed. However, we know that there are stains which are permanent damage to the fabric and can’t be removed. Sometimes stain can cause by water when you try to clean the stain on your own without the knowledge and water stain will change the colour and won’t be removed.

Hot Water Extraction Machine

This is the standard for quality cleaning, it’s the most effective method in upholstery cleaning London today. The way it works: after the initial treatment of the fabric the high-quality machine is used to inject the hot water deep inside. This will dislodge the grime and dust. However, the nozzle has a suction attached that sucks almost 95% of all the dust and dirt inside the fabric.

Dry Cleaning

This procedure is used when hot water extraction is not needed at all, this is when the dirt is on the surface of the fabric. This does not damage the fabric at all. Once its properly applied, the detergent is removed then with a vacuum cleaner.

Dry Foam Cleaning

Low Moisture detergent is applied after the pre-treatment. Then its rubbed in with a rotating brush, this is safe for the fabric. At the end, the foam is vacuumed and the fabric is left with well-refreshed upholstery.

Leather Upholstery treatment

The Leather Upholstery cleaning is done with professional detergents, this is very carefully applied with cotton cloth and then wiped afterwards. This is however, if the leather has stain there is a change that the damage is permanent.